Transformative change in the human experience will take time and requires comfort with starting over again - again and again. Considering this, we seek to partner with those willing to be bold and contemplative in their work for social change. In partnership with us, we invite all to freely dance in the grays* - embracing a posture of possibility as we design and implement pathways of new designs for culture.

*The concept of dancing in the grays is inspired by Dr. Joan Morgan.

Indwell is a culture design studio that develops initiatives for close inquiry into social healing. Working from the intersections of narrative change, spirituality, and wellness, we seek to cultivate programs and strategies which reimagine our human capacity for generating futures of beloved communing.

Our work is focused on supporting efforts for social change through a lens of social healing. This mission is a direct response to what we have witnessed on personal and global levels from which we have found:
  • There is a deep need to explore new ways to work through wounds and conflict.
  • There is a deep need to ignite nuanced understandings of relational connections.
  • There is a deep need for relational and systemic reconciliations.


Inspired by the cultural studies work of Stuart Hall, this approach considers the social construction of culture as a phenomenon that can be studied to deconstruct implications for human development.

To indwell is to be permanently present in soul and mind. This path informs how we navigate culture design, inviting a holistic approach to social change.

A process of engaging our potential as meaning-making beings to embrace or shift the necessary stories - scripts, belief systems - that we have learned through formal and informal institutions to engage in paths of liberation.

An interdisciplinary approach to explore the intersections of compassion, love, peace, and healing for social change. This lens holds the potential of the human capacity towards practices of healing within socio-cultural systems and interactions. 

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